How We Assist the Children of Cambodia

The “Assisting Children to SchoolACTS project is run as follows:

  • By supporting 151 children with their educational needs
  • In conjunction with Asian Outreach Cambodia
  • With native New Zealanders Grahame & Katy Dyer, who reside with their young family year round in Cambodia and a team of committed local Cambodians
  • Currently with Reign Foundation as the sole donor/partner of this project

The overall goal of ACTS is to increase the number of children in rural Cambodia (specifically Lvea Aem & Por Rieng districts) who graduate from school, and to improve the quality of that education.  Current statistics show the following:

  • Over 80% of children enrol in primary (elementary) schools for education
  • Only 26% make it to the lower secondary (high) school levels
  • Only a shocking 9.6%  make it to upper secondary (high) school levels

ACTS aim is to change the above statistics for the better!

Working alongside the Cambodian school system, the ACTS program offers tangible solutions to the barriers stopping these children from getting a life-changing education.

The table below provides some examples of the problems encountered with the solution provided through the ACTS program.

                            PROBLEM                                                         SOLUTION

Uneducated parents do not understand the value of education and therefore their children are not encouraged to learn Teaching & support is given to families through home visits as to the opportunities that will open up to their children and future generations if they are encouraged to study hard
Children are needed to work in the fields to generate much-needed income for their families Families are taught more efficient business & agricultural practices, freeing the children to go to school without negatively impacting the family’s income
Class sizes are large and children do not get the proper attention needed ACTS trains teachers to run extra tuition classes and works with the public school system to monitor children’s progress

The annual cost of running this invaluable program is US$35,000. Please help us to continue making a difference in the lives of the current and future children through this program.